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Currently available kittens

Pictures of new kittens will be posted here whenever they are available for purchase. In this cattery, you can find both Norwegian Forest Cats and Korats. If you are intersted, please contact us using the contact section. Note that it is possible to be on a waiting list prior to the birth! Photos of kittens from older times can still be seen in the main gallery. Cats are usually ready for purchase when they reach 2-3 months of age, pictures will be updated consistently.

 Norwegian Forest Cats


Planned litters 2024:

Fryd Fantasia & Cyrrus

Calanthe & Yasper

Arvena & Yasper

3 Korats!

(All available, 2 males, 1 female)

Mother: FI*Hovikissan Soong

Father: PL*MORAKOT Yantar

Birth: 19.10.2023

World's rarest breed!

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Korat kittens. (Soong, Yantar) Harmony, Hern, Helios


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