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Norwegian Forest Cat

Mystical, gorgeous, and strong. The Viking cat comes from harsh Scandinavia. This nordic cat is raising respect and acts on imagination. In the old myth, it was the white forest cats that pulled the carriage of the Norse Freja – goddess of love, fertility, and power. The Norwegian Forest Cat is fluffy, big, and has beautiful eyes. It resembles a lynx in its appearance. These cats are known over the entire world because of their origin, temperament, intelligence, and wild look. It is one of the cat races with increasing popularity, the cats are recognized in international competitions and no matter how they present themselves – they always raise curiosity.

The Norwegian Forest cats are a very old and natural breed forged by the harsh climate of Norway. As a result of natural selection this cat is perfectly adapted to difficult conditions; ice-cold, dark winters, warm summertime, and crude weather in general. Perhaps this is the reason why these cats are among the top races in terms of innate health, strength, resistance to diseases, and harsh environment. What is more, this breed belongs to the largest existing domestic felines as an adult Forest Cat can weigh up to 10 kg!

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Norwegian Forest Cat
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