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The Korat

The Korats

Korats are one of the rarest cat breeds in the world. They are an oriental breed that originates on the Thai islands. These cats are most often blue or green-eyed, with very well-developed musculature and elegant posture which even makes their silhouette appear similar to a miniature, blue leopard. They are very affectionate and will be loyal to their owner. In the Thai culture, they are believed to bring luck in life and some people describe caring for Korats as an almost spiritual experience.

Korats are rather tricky to maintain as they require appropriate care and a lot of engagement. However, if you wish to live with a Korat it will certainly be an amazing adventure. With all the responsibility that comes with it, it is going to be a life full of everlasting friendship and love! You will get to know the fantastic world of cats about which you had no idea before. Will you accept the challenge?

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